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Tripometer changes in the moring breily while driving


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The Tripometer blinks from whatever miles shown to ILL.5 and jumps back and forth to ILL.5 to ILL.6 Then back to the trip mileage. Also at the same time the the Heat temps screens are diming like I'm having a short out. Anybody have this problem? Dealer has pulled that area a while ago for unrelated problem?
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ILL.5 and ILL.6 are the settings for your dash(and heater/radio) illumination. The selector is on the left lower instrument panel, down by the mirror control knob. When you move the selector, you will feel it "soft click" thru detents. Make sure it is left in one of these detents when you are done with it. If the dealer was in there recently, and the "shorting" continues after you now know what ILL.5 and ILL.6 mean, have the dealer fix the switch.

Many Shuvs and Zuuls knew what it was to be roasted in the depths of the Slor that day, I can tell you!

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I saw it doing it again, I curious what this is. Of course it won't happen for the dealer.

Oh well


cole46-51 can you further explain what your did?

Thanks Scott


somehow the little knob on the left that controls the brightness of your dashboard has gotten stuck in between two of the notches, just turn it to a different notch and then back to the setting u like it @ and that should do the trick:icon_mrgr

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