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Duffman Audio Sub Box


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I know, you're probably thinking of this:



I was digging through iA Performance's web site looking at their spacer rings trying to decide if I wanted to spend $60 on speaker spacers. Read through their Subiesport write up on the zero to hero project. They mentioned a premade spare tire well sub box that included a new floor, plus let you keep the spare tire in place. I searched around on here and it seems most are doing the corner trunk mount. A few have done custom spare tire well installs, but ditch the spare tire. Anyways, Duffman Audio has an ebay store, $200 doesn't seem to bad for such a product. Tough to tell the quality though. $80 shipping hurts too.






I'm sure 16psibrick will chime in shorty to tell you about how lame this is.:icon_bigg

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If I was going to do it, I would make it myself.


But, not everyone has the time, resources, know-how, and experiance to fab up their own box.


I hadn't seen it posted on here, thought people might like to see a differnet option.

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