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Thumping sound when engaging reverse gear

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Is this normal operation for the Automatic Transmission?

I recently purchased 2003 Subaru Legacy GTB wagon, 40,000Km travelled. I have picked up on a possible developing issue. Has anyone experienced this? It is mostly noticeable when starting up from cold and engaging reverse gear, I experience a startling thump into gear. At normal operational engine temperature, engaging reverse gear there is a lot less of a thump, the gear engages with a more gentle thump. More so if I compared it to selecting drive. I think selecting drive is ok I have to monitor this more.

Any advise appreciated

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Yeh got me, I can wait 5 minutes so that when the engine revs drop below 2k rpm. The engine is warm, the thump sound or rough engagement of reverse is a lot less noticeable.

It may be worthwhile as suggested visiting an auto mechanic. Other comments welcome please

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