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Tire place scratched my wheels... LONG


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Well, one more day in the 50's here in Chicago and then the temp heads way down to below freezing for a while. Seemed like a good day to have the Nokian's mounted onto the stock wheels.




I just put the stock wheels back on yesterday. Had each wheel 3" from my face, crawling around the garage floor. Everything was good. Dropped the car and winter tires off at a local tire place and came back 90 minutes later. Paid $80 for mounting and balancing. Walked out to the car, did a quick walkaround, both rear wheels scratched. One was a small nick, the other was pretty gnarly.


I walked back in, asked for the owner, told him my story. He said their machines are covered in rubber and it was impossible for them to have scratched the wheels. I explained how I recently inspected each wheel just yesterday and they were in fine condition. He made no concessions, did not appologize, and said there was nothing he could do. We went back a forth a few times. I was calm, and stated my point clearly because I'm in similar situations on his end from time to time.


I promptly walked over to a large sign in the window and pointed to where it read, "Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed". He shrugged. I pulled out the cell phone and he asked who I was calling. I told him, "An excellent attorney."


Had a brief discussion with the attorney (aka my brother-in-law), snapped a few cell phone pics and drove home. My brother-in-law calls back in 15 minutes and had the owner agree to refinish all four wheels in writing. We agreed to wait until the spring, after the winter beating they'll take.


I just don't get it how some places can stay in business with a customer service attitude like that. I bend over backwards for my clients, even when I'm in the right, just to assure they're happy and will continue to refer me to friends and family. That, more than the scratched wheels, is what offended me the greatest and forced me to throw a lawsuit threat at them.


I feel better now...:lol:

ignore him, he'll go away.
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I had all four tires dismounted and remounted this summer from the stock silver wheels to chromed factory wheels (yeah, yeah, I know AND I don't care, I like them) by Discount Tire in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Paid $104.00. When they were done, one wheel had three dings in it. Looks to me like someone dropped something on it, or it fell over face first and hit something on the floor. I know the wheels were perfect before (not new, but low miles) as I spent an hour cleaning them to get them ready for the change over. The shop rats working on the car did not say anything, but the counter guy, Jeff (dang, I can't put my finger on the paperwork for his last name) stepped up and took responsibility. He could have told me to go eff myself, but didn't. This happened on July 5th and I didn't get my replacement wheel until some time in October, but I kept my cool, treated him with respect like I wanted to be treated, and they came through for me. The "charge" (I paid zero) on my copy of the paperwork was $450.00. They bought a new factory alloy, sent it to a shop in Colorado, that Discount uses, to be plated. They misplaced it, then found it (or bought another) and I finally got it. Expecting the worse, when I wanted this job done, I picked a shop that specialized in custom wheels thinking if anyone can do it without scratching them, they could. Plus, IF something did go wrong, they have deep pockets and can easily absorb a loss better than a mom and pop shop can. So, something did go wrong, the retailer accepted responsibility, provided excellent customer service, and made the customer happy...just like it is supposed to happen. When I needed tires for my step-daughter's car a couple weeks after I got my wheel, I went to see Jeff...it goes both ways. Of course her car has steelies. :icon_bigg


Good luck with your issues...I can readily sympathize. You might just want to go ahead and get it done ASAP...in case they go out of bussiness...especially with that kind of attitude.

It is still ugly.
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