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RI dealership to avoid....


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Traded in my '99 LGT at Carla Subaru in Pawtucket, RI for an '07 SE. Pricing was decent, gave me invoice with no haggling and pretty much what I expected for trade. However, once that was over the fun began...Very new dealership, 5-6 months old, so no one really knew what they were doing. Carla does all the deals so we had to wait for her to finish up with another customer fiirst...Took a few trys for the sales/finance guy to figure out how to get the numbers on all the forms to match...pretty comical. Took a few days for them to locate the car I wanted...said it would be there next day...two days later it was in with 200 miles on it from the drive...first said it came from NH, then said CT...the window sticker said it was sold to Bourn, MA...had them handle registration, wanted new plates...two weeks later they called and said it was all set. Drove over and found out they transfered old plates which were about to be returned...now I have to wait for them to go back and get new plates...said would take a day. I won't be holding my breath...


Also wanted fog lights, said they would sell at cost...quoted $500+! Bought them onlinr for $250 and will install myself...

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From Best subaru dealer in MA:

Carla Subaru Located In Ri (on Ma Border) Has The Best Prices Around. I Shopped All The Dealers Within 100 Miles. I Also Live In Boston And It Was Well Worth The Drive. I Paid Under Invoice. My Boyfriend Wanted A Sti But Only Wanted 2006 Black With Gold Wheels. They Went All The Way To Ny To Get It For Him. Trust Me.. They Are Worth Your Drive.

Bought A Legacy At Carla Subaru Best Prices And Simple And Easy. They Sell Every Car Under Invoice So No Back And Forth. They Will Beat Any Price Just Bring Them Written Quote And If You Refer Anyone They Will Automatically Give You $50.

There was no mercy. After a "What are you talking about?" subarurocks crawled back under her rock.

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