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Yet another debadged wagon.


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I would post up some pics but my super awesome friend stepped on my camera. I guess the only true point of this thread is to reassure someone else with the same color/year that the results should be fine.

The car is a 2005 white pearl, the car was previously owned by a non garager for a year, he took fairly good care of the car just not as anal as I am. There was some dirt trapped behind the badging and I was worried about some possible ghosting but everything turned out fine.

Just a slight refresher.

1. Hairdryer the letter/badge you taking off till adhesive is gives a little

2. Use dental floss to take off badge/letter

3. Rub off adhevise remaining on vehicle reuse hair dryer if necessary.

4. Get soapy bucket of hotter water, yes hotter the better, just don't burn yourself.

5. Wash off all remnants off addhesive and dirt. At this point I saw ghosting.

6. Clay bar the areas in question, on my car any mark readily came off.

7. Dry and wax.


If you can't tell Im bored.

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