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no manual wagon. solution?

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Several people here have lowered their Outback wagons. You should know there are some differences (speaking of '05 models, so things may have changed). So, while you might be perfectly happy with the result, it won't be exactly the same as the LGT.


Outback suspension is mounted on spacers, that plus the wheels and tires is where the extra height comes from.


LGT springs and shocks are firmer than the OB.


LGT has somewhat larger brakes than the OB.


LGT has slightly faster steering ratio than the OB.


There should be more info in the archives on this.

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How about lowering a manual outback? Will that essentially give me different looking LGT wagon with a manual trans? I will either buy out my 04 v70r or pick up a subie. What say ye.


You can lower it, certain LGT coilovers work - search the board.


As mentioned above not easy to get 100% like LGT suspension geometery due to subframe spacers and different rear links. In fact, in has not been verified if it's at all possible - rear subframe spacer is removable, not sure about the front.


Your best bet is a used 05 wagon.


In any case please let SOA know about your dissatisfaction. Check my signature for more info.

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I just flew down to FL to pick up a lightly used '05 wagon since someone here beat me to the one in Edison :D


I plan to inform Samir by email with the VIN.


Ha! I was very close to pull the trigger on the one in Edision. Had 1st dibs :lol:

But decided against black, plus we really plan on getting another car next spring.


Btw, what did you get and for how much?

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