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Slight whistle from drivers side window

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Hey everybody.


This is my first real problem with the Legacy, and although its far from catastrophic, it is midly irritating. It usually happens when I am on the freeway doing about 70 mph.


There seems to be a faint whistling at my 9 o'clock up where I figure the drivers window meets the seal. No big deal, so I get the seal (or gusset as they called it) replaced under warranty at the dealer, but I am still getting that annoying drone at speed.


What should I do, tell them to fix it again, or are there any home remedies that I could employ to fix this problem?



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Hmm, curious myself. I've had that same problem for the last year on my 06, just figured it was cheap engineering of the door seal/window interface. The window closes on the rubber seal where many cars with significantly less wind noise have the window closing into some type of double seal.


On my other car with framless windows, there are adjustments to bring the window up/down & in/out. I always intended to bring the window edge in a hair to see if that cured anything, but never found the time to remove the door panel myself.

ignore him, he'll go away.
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