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Intake question??


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ok, so i am cobb stage 1 with full vent bov, perrin drop-in and greddy catback. I posted a few days ago about the same set up but with a perrin intake. The general response was that the perrin short ram was risky to run with this set up where as if i were stock the intake would be fine. (its all due to the fact the the perrin is very hard to tune for)


so that being said, my question is this. I have been reading about this intake and it seems as if the hard to tune for intake is due to the weird foam filter. So, why not just put a normal cone filter on the intake? k&n makes on that will fit as do many others. Any thougts?

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My thoughts are, with stage 1, is it not just a waste of money to get an intake?


With a different turbo, yes absolutely I can understand. Even with a well turned stage 2 it starts to seem it would be beneficial (well, a good one, not the SPT :lol:)


But stage 1? I'm sticking with my stock box / perrin panel filter.



OK, so, if you still want to go with one I'd honestly reccomend the AEM over the Perrin. For one, it's a full CAI, so the filter rides down where the stock resonator lived. You also get the other CAI benefits, such as cooler air / less heat soak, and it's a bit quieter inside the cabin. There also (appears) to be less bends.

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