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What Do You Put In Your Ashtray

What Do You Put In Your Ashtray  

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  1. 1. What Do You Put In Your Ashtray

    • Cell Phone
    • Ashes
    • Integrated Electronics
    • Nothing...

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Just a waste of space.


Subaru really should cotton on to how few people actually smoke anymore, and put something more useful in there instead, and then have a smokers package for those who want it.


Mine did not come with a lighter.......guess thats a option:lol:

Toyota 6EATS .........SUCK!!!!!!
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i used to put change in there but if its filled up it can scratch the plastic right above....i put all my change in a zip lock bag and keep it in my center console...and it's so simple to pull it out and pick out what ever change you need...and don't have to worry about getting anything scratched.....


....as for losing change behind the asstray it has happened to me but in 5MT cars, you can pull out the dash piece and recover what was lost.

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