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security light blinks 3 times when car is running..


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I had my keys reprogrammed because the dealer had to change the ECU for the Cooling fan fix. Since then, the security light has been blinking 3 times every few seconds even when the car is running. Does anyone know what this means? When the car shuts off, and I lock the doors, it goes back to regular fast blinks for 30 seconds, then 2 blinks.


I talked to the dealer and they had no clue. So, they said they'd call the tech line, but they haven't gotten back to me yet.

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mR.dnA is right. It's not valet mode, they just left the ECU in programming mode - same thing happened to me when I bought my car and they cut extra keys & fobs for it. It took the shop a while to figure out what it was and they also had to call the tech line, but once they knew it took like 2 minutes to correct. They were guessing valet mode at first, too.


Note that the manual tells you what's up if it's blinking once, twice, four, or five times but not three. :p



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