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eq or LOC?


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Well this is the one part ive always been confused about.. (always had aftermarket decks anyway..)


Ill be using the stock headunit, and im trying to figure out if i should go with this EQ here




or if I should just go with some of the David Navone LOCs?


and if I do go LOC, would i need one for the four channel amp and one for the subwoofer amp?



it would be for the following setup that im planning..


PG Xenon 100.4

PG Xenon 600.1

CDT EuroSport 620

SS Exact 12 (I know theyre OLD, but I still have 2 of them from my last set up, and i wanna see how long each of them lasts under the 600.1 :) )


so for this case, what do you guys recommend!



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