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iPod in armrest mount


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Ok, so today I had a day off and couldnt figure out if I wanted to do some actual work or sit around and be lazy. I decided for a compramise and did both. Lately I have been a little dissapointed in the lack of an aux in for the 05 LGT because I really enjoy my iPod. And I know jazzy's board is out there, but Im hoping that I get a Cleansweep for Christmas, so Im holding out for now. Anyways, I dont like the thought of my iPod hanging around in my cupholders, and then having the cords for my FM modulator (the wireless nasty sounding one, not even hardwired) hanging out of the armrest and all that.

So... I decided to make a nice little carpet covered MDF holder for my iPod. Turned out like this... Now the iPod fits very snugly in the holder, hence the extra carpet sticking out from either side so that you can easily pull it out.



EDIT: The holder can be removed and there is still the ability to have some storage in the armrest. I hate losing storage space, which is one reason I didnt make something for the cubby, but Im sure the same could be done for the cubby. Also, I just installed it today, so Im not exactly sure how easy it is to change songs and all that. I angled it so that it wouldnt be too awkward, but it has yet to stand the test of time. When I was just sitting in the garage it seemed fine, but thats not while driving.




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I wanted to create a holder for my ipod but in the cup holder section. (I already got my CS from Patagonia)


I'll try your location to see how easy it is to change the song. It might be a good alternative.

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real nice. post for pics about the creation. I'm looking for a nice place to put my ipod while I'm driving.

I didnt actually take pics of the whole process, but it was really simple, so I will try and explain it best I can here :)

1: Measure and cut 1 piece of MDF that fits in the armrest, it was about 6 1/4 and 5 1/2, something in that ballpark. (also need to round the corners some)

2: Fit it in to make sure that it goes down deeper than just flush, reason is that I used 2 pieces of MDF (can be any wood, I just had spare MDF around).

3: Cut the second piece of MDF, this one can be flush with the top, but still leave a little bit of room so when you stretch the carpet over it, it wont fit too snugly, just enough... I ended up having to cut and recut and recut that quite a few times to get it right :S Better to cut it too big and have to trim it than to cut too short right?

4: Draw an outline of your ipod on the top MDF piece, also make sure to draw out where you are going to plug your ipod in. I cut out the section for the actual headphone area, but the same could be done for the docking mount area. Either way works, it just depends on what you want.

5: I personally had some extra carpeting left over from the subwoofer boxes that I made, so I just used that. Any material would work, something soft, ect. Pull it over the bottom MDF and staple to the bottom.

6: Use another piece of material/carpet to cover the top piece of MDF (the one you cut out your ipod spot). Pull, cut, staple, wrestle, ect... Until it looks good and covers the top and sides, stapled to the bottom.

7: I couldnt think of a really good way to connect the 2 pieces of MDF, so I chose to screw 4 screws in each corner. Kinda makes it have a "manly" look maybe? lol... JK. But that was the most simple way actually.


Constantly test fit your pieces. The worst thing is to have to rip it all apart because they didnt fit properly.

Im sure there are better ways of doing this, maybe just using 1 MDF piece and carpeting over the backside too so the iPod is resting on that piece of carpet, or something like that... I might make modifications to it later. Just depends.


Also, I used it all day today, getting in and out of the car, changing songs, ect... So far I like it. Its a little awkward having to bend your arm wierd ways to change the folders and all, but it might just take some getting used to. I also like the fact that its already hidden, there is no needing to hide the iPod every time you park the car. (it may not be super dangerous around here, but hiding the iPod makes it one less reason for someone to break into the car and take something, since its pre-hidden it makes it a bit nicer. Also, its in a very easy location... I press the pause and play buttons, no having to "pick up" the ipod and do that... Its just nice to be able to press the button easy.)


I thought about doing the cupholder area for a pod, but I use my cupholders so often that it just didnt make sense for me. Same with the cubby (sunglasses holder... lol) If you dont use your cupholders, Im sure that it would be much more effecient to use that area, and I could possibly make one as a sample, but seeing as how I wouldnt use it... Someone could probably purchase that "demo" :p


I will try and take some more pictures of it tomorrow, where I ran the cable through and all... Its late right now :)


Enjoy :)

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I'd go nuts with that setup. It seems like to search with it you'll have to look 90 degrees away from the road unless you pull it out. Plus you lost the storage space which would bug me but you may be OK with it.


What about this -







You still get one cupholder plus the two in rear, easy to hide, easy to pull out & search with. This was about $10 in parts, a spare time project just like yours.

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Bguy - I saw that one too. Can you remove the form? Also, where and how did you route the ipod cable? Doesn't the cup holder door roll back and shoot downward? I'll need to route my cable into the storage under the arm rest, where my aux is :) I love my 2007


PS. don't you get swamp ass with the heated seat on high? Medium is just right

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I love a good case of swamp-ass...


I don't know, I just like it on high. I rarely turn on the heat, the seat's plenty. The last car, Jeep Gr Cherokee, during a long drive to AZ I actually got a 2nd degree burn on the back of my leg before I realized there was a problem...blister the size of my palm. Sick & wrong.


Anyway, just looked at my last post & I sound like a jackass saying "my mod's better than yours." Sorry, didn't mean it that way - yours looks great. And now with my increased politically-correct capital I'm going to totally jack your thread...


Yes the form's removeable, it's hot-glued down. the center divider in there you can pop the rounded top off it & you've got a 3-point surface between the 2 rear corners & the center divider.


The ipod cable is the Belkin, it plugs into the armrest outlet. To get it there I dremel-ed a rectangular hole into the rear of the cupholder about 10mm x 30mm, it's larger than the dock connector considerably so it's easy to thread the cable in & out when I want to hand the ipod to the passenger & say "you play DJ."


Covered the hole with 2 horizontal slats of felt with a slit in the middle. Otherwise a small hole under the armrest cubby next to the outlet & you're through drilling.


The cupholder rolling cover doesn't roll into that space, it loops around in an arc under the cups. Take it apart & you'll see what I mean. That gives you an area between the cupholders & the armrest space that's about the size of a lime. Sorta. Anyway plenty of space for a cable.


The plastic underneath the ipod is just ABS installer stuff covered in felt, or minky velvet for you pimps. The foam on the sides is a couple layers of weatherstripping.


The biggest downside with this setup is searching for music while driving. Unless I pull it out (which requires stuffing the cable back in) I have to look a long way from the road which I don't like. That's a minor gripe but it's the biggest, hence my earlier comment about Executor's setup.


On the plus side it's in an intuitive position to skip tracks & find the controls w/o looking.

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very nice read on the setup. I'll have to just take the console apart and figure out how I'll route the cable. I have the Monster cable plug, it has a coiled wire so maybe it's easier to slide back into place once you pull the ipod out. Thanks for the pics.

Anyone else do something close to this? I'd like to see other's installs.

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I knew you werent comparing setups and doing the who's is better line... Im glad that you shared your knowledge and pictures here as well. I thought about doing a cupholder console, but I really didnt like the thought of doing that since my girlfriend and I like to get starbucks quite frequently, thus using both cupholders. The armrest was the cheapest and easiest option that I can do right now. I actually really really really like the setup (not sure who had it) that uses proclipusa.com... It mounts to the side of the radio on the passenger side (right through the "fake wood trim piece") Its adjustable and it looks really nice, only thing is... it costs $60 with shipping and handling and all. Not bad, and the positioning is great, but out of my price range with Christmas coming up.

Very nice setup though, and as long as you dont mind loosing one of the cupholders its great, but I use mine way too much :)

Keep the ideas coming :)

If I pass you on the right, I'm flipping you off.
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