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Stock LGT play MP3's?


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Is that just an '07 unit, or how and what would I search for to get one? For $99 you really got it hooked up.


do the reasearch. this is NOT the 07 model.

there is a subaru part number floating around for it. It exactly the same as the stock LGT HU, but with MP3 capability. Everything else is dead on and it bolts right in. FYI I have an 05 LGT.


Cam in the VDC outback I think they call it.

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I bought this one...as he said, the VDC outback model is plug and play for a 2005 or 2006. I bought mine off a member, but you can get one here:



WHILE YOU'RE AT IT and have everything apart...just add in Jazzy's aux input, then you have MP3 and aux input.


Still sad that my 1995 Honda had all this on my $200 pioneer stereo, while the LGT doesn't.


Anyway, I've VERY glad to have MP3 back so I can get 6 or 7 albums on one disk (I personnally don't like fiddling with an I pod for short drives).

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