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Are there any copies or wheels similar to this wheel?


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I believe one of the member had those wheels or something pretty damn similar to those. IIRC, he had to get'em shipped from JAPAN

straight up JDM pimpin yo! :lol:

Perrin BIG maf intake

Perrin Turbo Inlet


Megan Racing header with UP (ceramic coated)


DMH E-cutout

Custom 3" catback


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I honestly have no idea what it is, but it is gorgeous. Of course, this is probably a 19" wheel, which is big, but it might still look great in 18".






Something like that in a 18"-19" that did not weigh a ton would be nice. Looks really classy to me, yet still sporty. Audiesque if you will.

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those rims your looking at.. i found'em on australian e-bay.. they are called dtm eleanor wheels. i wonder if it would look nice on a black legacy


Why does that not surprise me, they have such a fascination for big blingy dub-style wheels like that.



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theres nothing wrong with a bit of bling.. aussies do love they're chrome.

However i'm not on that band wagon.. i just happen to come across it that's all

personally i like proper racey wheels which is why i just bought a pair of work cr kai. should like nice on my black lib


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