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Midnight Meet 3: ~LONG BEACH~


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Hey All,


It's been too long! Let's try a small Midnight Meet (#3) this weekend at a new location:

When: This Friday, November 24, 10:00 p.m.

Where: Shoreline Village (Long Beach)

429 Shoreline Village Dr # P

Long Beach, CA 90802

(562) 435-2668





* Let's meet in the back corner of the Parking Lot. *


It's a beautiful Pacific Ocean setting with Yachts / Boats and the water on one side, and pretty Downtown Long Beach / Lights on the other side.

This will be Ghibli99 (Mike)'s farewell, before he moves to AZ! (And I think Rigo's leaving pretty soon also :()


It's Thanksgiving weekend, so some of you may be out of town, but for those that can make it, great! :)


Please Copy&Paste and add your name if you can go!


1. Legacy_Otaku (Ken)








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I need some cars to practice on w/ the new camera/lenses, so it'd be great if you guys could make it! I should hopefully have a more sturdy tripod by then, and possibly a portable light. If not, I pray the lighting is sufficient there (which it sounds like it is, based on what Ken's told me).



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haha, can i bring my Dog? Could you shoot my X-mas card with my LGT and My Dog! haha!!!

If you really want to, I would love to do this during the day. If you can make it on Sunday between 3 and 4, we can take some nice magic hour shots of your dog at the school down the street. Will he be wearing a Santa hat? :D



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i'll give it a shot...but don't know if i'll still be in a turkey Ko-mah!





No excuse! Besides, you want to have your sexy Wagon photo'd by Mike's new Uber Camera of Doom! ;) (and hopefully Reza will be there also for a double-dosage of Photo Master Madness :))

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