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Dealer just did 30K service fixed dash rattle?

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I just got back from my 30K service. Besides being $450 poorer I think they fixed my dash rattle. They were able to reproduce one (I'm not sure it's the rattle I was talking about). Apparantly it was coming from the center air vent. They said they took it apart and squirted some foam inside. Hopefully that does the trick. I just figured I would share one possible location for many of the rattles few have reported.
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Nope, nevermind. I have no idea what he was hearing but it def wasn't the rattle I was talking about. Now I have a dash full of foam and the same rattle.


Try putting something between the dash and the window on the left side (just temporary) thats thick enough to apply pressure to the window and to the dash and see if your rattle goes away. Thats what mine was and I fixed it by buying some of that furniture felt you can get at the hardware store, cutting it into strips and shoving it down between the window and dash.


Knock on plastic (har har) its been gone

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