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Hi all...oh, and beware Pence Service Dept.

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Hi all,


Just wanted to "hi" to all of you! I'm the proud owner of an '06 BSM Legacy GT 5MT sedan. Purchased new about 6 months ago and she continues to be a joy to drive! I'm running TDC Protuned Stage 1 and it's all the power I really need (at this point :lol:).


Now to the sad news: I'm now back in the Richmond, VA area for the holidays and decided to have the OEM sub and a shock sensor installed while I'm in town. I also wanted to have my center consol looked at since the gap between the bezel and radio was separating (please see this post). Our family has had very good experience with the Pence Sales division, thus I assumed the Service Dept. was just as stellar.


Well, to summarize:

1) subwoofer installed, but installed crooked

2) after 8hrs of work, shock sensor still not working and per mechanic, "another part" must be ordered and the immobilizer keys are needed to activate the system

3) Center bezel simply realigned despite me personally describing the known fix and giving a printout of the post including the part number needed (again, see here)

4) a shallow finger sized dent in the far edge of my passenger side rear door (see here for pics- hard to see in pic because of poor lighting)

5) scratches galore! (mostly light surface scratches that I'm confident I can remove on my own)


Anyway, does anyone here know of any good dent removal specialists in the Richmond/Chesterfield, VA region or Eastern NC region? The service manager has offerred to repair it by some "dent guy that comes by every week." Not sure who "this guy" is so I'm a bit hesitant.


Anyway, thanks for reading! Any suggestions?



Thanks to OCDetails and Devin for their input!

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It's going to be hard for a PDR guy to remove that dent because it's in the crease. There's no "back side" to work it from and there's basically no "give" in the metal in that area. Other than maybe a block & hammer approach, I don't know if that's a repairable dent.
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