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Florida Roll Call, Please add your Screen Name


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Magic; wukindada; iamboon; opie; ssekien; quest; johan; scoobydrew;

intercede007; imprezu; RBP MY05 2.5i; Leonardo; Wales Garage; Fly 2.5; iceman; 2point5GT; 05garnet_ltd_gt; jescrib2; vogal; OBP2.5GT; miami subaraco; coolbluelb,

Clapper, Matt Clapp, Orlando, Fl

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Yeah we Officialy have a Central Florida S.T.D. J/K :lol:


welcome Clapper. what part of Orlando do you live in? we need to have a little mini meet of orlando reisidents. I think were up to 4 or 5 now.


Here everyday:redface:

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OBP2.5GT; miami subaraco; Spec-B GT; Kez; kilowatt; origtopcat; Bud Manstrong; SnowMan451; TPLGT; modestmatt; Prosport Gauges; nyogi116; Clapper; mjp0212; magnetdropout; tophsubie; wingeater; IAmMissJackie; 07legacygt;_________

Anyone in Palm Beach?



Palm Beach county (Highland Beach)

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