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Daniel Stern Lighting and Subaru headlight options


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Finally had a chance to test the Korean Osram 9011 HIR1, 4340 LUX! They also are a white light, I would say around the 4500k mark.

The brightest 9005 I have tested is the Philips Xtreme Vision Pro150 at 3980 LUX.





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Still waiting for mine, which I ordered 2 weeks ago....



Shipping logistics are insane right now. I only have 1 set of these left but should have another 10 shortly.

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I haven't even received a shipping notice. was told they were in stock from stern. I have lights that are functioning so im fine to wait, but after paying for something I have a level of expectation on communication.
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Finished up my testing on the OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER 200 H7, I beleive they are the best alternative to the Vosla 65W H7 if you cannot get them.



VOSLA 65W H7: 1480 LUX

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