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It's time to play...What's bent!!


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Tourist went through a stop street into the right of way. They hit me while my left front wheel was turned to the left. Damage ensued.....






The body shop people kept telling me "suspension parts". I asked for a clarification. I don't know if they were playing me for dumb or what, but they wouldn't elaborate. The reason I ask; the original $2200 estimate was adjusted upwards because they tore the front suspension apart and had to order more parts.


The tie rod is definatly done for. But is the swaybar and endlink also bent in that picture? From the outside, with the wheel pushed that far back into the wheel well, what else would the nice Honda Oddessey have destroyed?

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i had something like that 5 yrs ago with a Pontiac Grand Am. slid into a curb (sheet ice) at maybe 5-8 mph. broke the strut arm, CV joint, bent halfshaft, etc. lots of aluminum parts up front that are not designed for side impact. no body damage, cost over $2000 to repair. shop can not really tell by looking whats bent they will know as soon as they try to install new parts.
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Make sure they look @ the corntrol arm bolt they are hard to bend but it look like there was a lot force in the hit since the car hit it head on.

Hopefully the control arm absorbed or buckle the hit as it should. good luck


Good thing you did not get hurt :icon_mrgr



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