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Order process for LGT ?


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The dealer orders off a truck. The invoice for the truck (the cars on the truck) is faxed or emailed to the dealer, the dealer then decides what wants off the truck and purchases those cars. Most of the time the dealer has to buy the whole truck, or order a full truck for them to be shipped. Most dealers will ask for a non refundable deposit to order the car.


If the car cannot be ordered, or the car is back ordered, the dealer may go to another dealer to get your car. That is how I got mine.


As a last resort, The dealer can also order your car from SOA. This can mean up to a 2 month wait....


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Before ordering one, now a days a dealer will check their regional inventory to see if another dealer has one that is either exactly what you want or close. If they do find one, they'll call the other dealer and make a dealer trade. What that means is that the dealer you're at takes a car out of their inventory and trades it for the car you want. Dealers prefer to do this cause you get your car faster and have less a chance of backing out of the deal, ordering a car is a paperwork intensive thing, and when the car comes in and if you back out and have wierd options on it the car may sit on their lot and they'll have a hard time selling it.
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don't they give u the vin# only once they know its on the truck coming to the dealer? since the truck company will have to let the dealer know what cars are on the truck to confirm inventory.


so whatever time it takes to drive from IN to Mass?

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