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Vauxhall Monaro VXR500

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I think Top Gear did a show on this car, with the Speed6 and a Ford. Apprently its very fast in a straight line, but in turns, it had HORRIFIC understeer. For example, he mentions (jokely) that the steering wheel only has one setting: straight.


That's the Vectra VXR (which is mentioned in the link), The Monaro is what we got over here as the GTO

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Yah. for anyone still confused, Vauxhall Vectra VXR (sedan) is not the same as Vauxhall Monaro VXR, which is the big RWD coupe. (think of VXR as "SS" or "-V", a performance moniker, not a model name)


Vauxhall Monaro is the same as Pontiac GTO is the same as Holden Monaro. The car is originally Holden's.


The trim pieces change (front bumper grille, rear bumper, hood scoops, rear spoilers... badge packages, and the Pontiac got a trunk-mounted fuel tank to meet regs...) but the car is the same.


I still want to see what they do with the Holden Monaro when they move it over to the VE (Zeta-chassis, IIRC...) Commodore's platform, and freshen up the styling, and sharpen the lines and interior.

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