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Anyone up on MA Lemon Laws? Versus Quirk Nissan


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We have some neighbors, a young couple with a kid visiting Boston while he is in graduate school.


They bought a used Dodge Neon from Quirk Nissan. They had a number of problems (engine, electrical, and water leaks) that quickly qualified it for Lemon Law treatment.


Quirk seems absolutely resolved to play hardbal lwith these folks. There first response when told they wanted to return the car was, "Then get a lawyer." Then, they offered instead a Nissan Sentra said to be in drive-away condition - which turned out to have problems requiring substantial repair.


They've been told the mediation process set by the state seems to favor dealers and that they do indeed need a lawyer. Only problem - not many lawyers specialize in Lemon Law so they haven't been able to find one

that seems able or interested. And they don't exactly have a ton of cash to throw at the problem.


Anyone know of a lawyer that can square them away? MA Bar Associaiton referred one guy to them, but he didn't really seem to be familiar with the best way to get their money back.


I just don't understand why Quirk has been so stubborn. Everyone who hears the story (or sees the car) crosses Quirk off their list of dealerships to do business with, ever. They say a happy customer tells three people and an unhappy customer tells 7. They are like an unhappy customer a week!


If you see a brown Dodge Neon in Boston with the right front foglight filled with water - that's the one. The interior carpets have already been replaced once but have already become moldy again.

Who Dares Wins


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I know on a car i had issues with before i looked online and found Kahn and assoc. They do the east so it might be worth a try. They are a no cash if u dont win place. They helped me out alot in deciding on what to do. I said go and did not have to deal with anything untill i got a offer. Look around online and use the free consults. My car was way better off than theirs sound so i bet they have a good case.

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