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Curious Electronic Whine, factory new '07


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Has anyone experienced this?


This new 07 2.5i Legacy Wagon has the factory single-CD head and I asked the dealer install the factory subwoofer before delivery. Like many cars, when the car is not running it is necessary to turn the key to the accessory position to operate the stereo.


I've never run into this problem before with any car. When I turn the key to the accessory position and the stereo is off, I can hear a high pitched electronic whine that eminates from somewhere. I'm not sure if it is coming from the dash area or not. It is almost as faint as ringing in your ears, but I know the difference and it definately is gone when I turn the key to the off position. Turning on the stereo does not eliminate it, either.


It just seems like there is some system incompatability or there is a defective component somewhere. If I had a high-dollar system in this car and that background whine was always present, I'd be quite concerned and would have to yank it out to get it corrected. It's loud enough that it intrudes on the music during very quiet passages.


If it is another system causing the whine and I could just operate the stereo without the key in, I'd probably be fine with it. I was wondering if the power to the factory stereo could be re-routed so that the stereo would operate without the key entirely.


Thanks for your interest. I'll be happy to hear about others' experiences. ~:iam:

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I noticed the same (slightly annoying) electronic whine. I believe it to be the vaccuum flourescent display in the 07 radio. Even when it is "off", you can still see the faint horizontal red lines showing that the display is being powered.


Not quite sure how to quiet this one down.


Hope that helps,


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I just picked up and installed an '07 spec b Head Unit and have the same issue. When the dimmer is turned up all the way, which is normally have it at all the time, there is a electronic hum. I have gotten used to it or I just don't knotice it with my Hagzaust and music. But have the car off and no music playing, it is definatally notisable.

Ben (2014 Outback SAP w/ eyesite, 2014 Tribeca Limited, 2006 LGT limited sedan)

Subaru Ambassador PNW


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