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transmission good for how much hp?


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Hmmmmmmmmmm....... no issues here & I'm running basically the same #'s you were running with the boosted Z.

I am running a rather large tranny cooler along with a premium tranny fluid......



You know, I've been thinking about that after our PM conversation.

I think a lot has to do with how particular TCU/internals are tuned. I remember shifts being much softer on my G35.


It would be very interesting to compare line pressures on Nissan and Subaru iterations of the same tranny.


Good news is that you are ok at this power level and better yet there's already something is in the works for this tranny to make it hold even more. :icon_bigg

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I had a G35 sedan and I live in California. I also have friends back in my home country who own a tuning company, Z is one of their cars. I helped them source a lot of parts for it. New mishap - sent a rod through the block. Currently fully built sleeved long block on order. Shooting for 650hp/tq at the wheels on 98RON. Once it is alive I'll post some videos.
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