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Resources in Mass?


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Hi Mass Members,


I'm moving from Seattle to Waltham area in a month or so and am looking for recommendations on a good dealer for warranty work, and am also looking for a highly competent, certified independent tech for non warranty stuff, suspension mods (coilovers), alignment, Stage 2 type install (exhaust, etc).


I am borderline OCD (ok, fully OCD) about my car so I have no tolerance for bozos. I suppose a dealer that is hip to aftermarket would fit the bill as well.


Also, a recommend for a truly top notch body shop would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance and see ya on the Pike!



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MetroWest (formerly Natick) Subaru has done good mechanical work on a coworkers Subaru. Concord, MA Subaru is smal but has a good reputation, as does Cityside (now in Belmont). Dunno about aftermarket stuff with them. Planet is nearly 40 miles from Walthan and would be very trying at rush hour.


That said, almost all new car dealer mechanics work on the flat rate cost basis. In other words, the less time they take to complete your work, the more the mechanic makes. I prefer to use independents who charge for their time as I think their quality efforts are better rewarded that way.


You could always sneak up on TDC in their lair in Concord, NH but that's over an hour drive depending on traffic. What aftermarket parts do you want to install? Subarus are not at all rare here. Courteous drivers are much more difficult to find.....

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