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1st Gen. Questions.

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Alright guys Im new here and to Subarus somewhat. Im planning on buying one here in a few weeks and have some questions. Im looking at doing some simple engine, drivie train, and suspension upgrades. The main question I have is what psi does the stock engine run at, what is safe on stock internals, at how many miles is it not safe to add additional psi. What kind of quater miles can a stock turbo manual Legacy run, my friend said his ran a 14.3. Also one last thing Im having trouble finding good aftermarket support for the first gen can some make a few suggetions for websites. Thanks for any help.
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what year are you talking about? 05+? if thats so here are some answers


13.5 psi stock


not sure what the max is to run safely, but the bov probably wont hold over 19psi...most stage 2 ppl are running from 16-18 with at least a downpipe.


there is a 1320 thread for 1/4 mile times, search for it


check out out pltek.net, tdctuning, gruppe-s, and many of our vendors here on the stire from aftermarket products


and please, for the love of god, search...all your answers would have been found!!

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