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DIY Grill Help!


black or polished  

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  1. 1. black or polished

    • paint it black
    • leave it polished

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yeah it looks way better that the 99cent gutter guard i used from home depot


Hah, no kidding!

This gutter guard is just sooo thin, I'm afraid I'm going to have a rock jump up and go right through it :lol:


I say, leave it alone! Then, if you don't like it, it's easy enough to paint... not so easy to remove the paint once it's on there.

Mine's painted black and it doesn't even look like there's a grille there!

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Well I am 90% finished on our grill and wanting to know if you guys think the grill itself should be left alone or painted black.




I'm all about the clean look. So def keep the grill itslef black dont paint match it. only do that for the rest of the grill



However i'm prob the only fan of the oem grill with the trim painted.






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R U going to be doing these, or this is just yours? Might be looking for someone to hack mine.



I vote black


2point5GT: if you are looking for someone to hack yours up, pm subastyle. He's up in Vermont. He did a good job on mine for the $$

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IMO, your ride looks too bubbly - not aggressive or threatening. The mesh grill is flashy though. Makes it look like a pimpmobile...





It is finished.



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