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Auto climate and heating the cabin


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Has anyone else noticed that the auto climate control takes a while to get the fan speed going when you set the temperature to to heat up the cabin. This had me puzzled today and I wondered why. Alternatively when turning it to a lower temperature when it is blazing hot out the fan automatically kicks in to high power on auto mode, even when it isn't set at the lowest temp setting, just so it can equalize the input temperature and the cabin temperature.


So, when trying to warm the cabin there seems to be about a 2-3 minute delay before the fan kicks up into a higher speed when in auto mode. Is the reason because the radiator is not warmed up yet, therefore having air blow into the cabin would not yield an equalization effect? That was the conclusion I came to. I am assuming that there is a temp sensor that senses when the heater core is warm enough to start producing heat for the cabin and thus that is why it takes the 2-3 minutes of driving before the fan starts to kick into higher speeds. I am speaking from a cold start perspective.


Is this theory correct or do I have something wrong with my auto climate control that I should check out?

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You are correct. There's no point blowing until there's warm air available from the engine. I recall it says this in the owner's manual.


That's one reason why heated seats are so nice. They get warm quicker (but not as early as I'd like)--but I'm in TX, so I just use 'em to see if they still work--not like it actually gets cold enough here to warrant them. I still have no idea if any of my defrosters work. :)

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