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'07 GT Auto/wagon suspension: dirt & street???


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I'm hoping to get an '07 gt wagon w/ auto trans this fall or early winter, and I AM STOKED!!! I had no doubt that I needed to join this forum--I thank you guys in advance for any help you might offer.


Suspension Question: (Let me preface it by saying, I would like to do everything once, and do it right on legacy) Ideally I would have a suspension that has a stiff, low setting for street and a raised setting for offroad--something along the lines of an airbag/rally/sport suspension, all roalled into one. In other words, I don't want to limit myself to the narrow lines of "rally" (wrx, sti), or "street." I at first thought that maybe I would try to get my hands on the bilsteins they use on the wrx/sti and the spec b, but the reviews have shown that they have a good deal of body roll and sqirm (understandable for a rally-worthy suspension...) I don't doubt Bilstein's quality, but I would prefer find something more versatile and preferably adjustable. Again I'm looking for both a worthy rally AND street performing suspension without compromising the quality of either application. Does such a thing exist?


To hopefully console the gearheads reading this that you're not wasting your time: Cobb will have a heavy hand on this car, if I can have a say in it. Now just to find a suspension system. If I can find help on this issue, I expect it will be here. Thanks again for the present and probably future help.

happy tuning

James Arnold


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I'm not convinced there is anything currently available that fits this description. Should I just settle for something like an ohlins adjustable soft/firm rally suspension? I just drive 20-30,000 miles/yr at least, on southern california highways, so I'll need a good street performer too. Let's see what you got!

Thanks again

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