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Center hole diameter?


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Anyone know what the diameter of the center clearance hole is on a Subaru wheel?


My snows are buried so I can't get at them to measure.



Opps, nevermind, found it in Xenonk's FAQ, where I should have looked in the first place:


Center bore must have to be 56mm or larger (if the bore is larger than 56mm, use hub centric rings to fit properly to your wheel's center bore, but not always necessary if you have wheels with conical lugnut seating, the wheel will eventually center itself, but that's your call of how you want to go about that).

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if you dont see some info that I may have missed, I can look it up and post it for ya. But I think I covered everything in that FAQ that pertains to just about anything that is attached to that hub and under/in the Fender.
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