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Has anybody installed the Kenwood KVT-617DVD or Pioneer AVIC-N3?


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I went to Crutchfield.com today and found two in-dash DVD/Navigation kits which they claim to fit my '05 Legacy GT. (I bookmarked the links here: http://www.jookster.com/jookhistory.aspx?pid=4832B1968AE44281A48F9A676A6014AB)


The installation details state:

  • A receiver mounting kit is needed to install an aftermarket receiver.

  • The OEM integration package includes a replacement dash panel that matches your vehicles interior. You will need to remove the climate controls from your factory radio/trimpanel and attach them to the new kit. Only manual heater controls will work with this kit.

Does anybody know what this "replacement dash panel" looks like? If somebody installed it, I was wondering if they can put up a photo or something...


Thanx a mill,



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Search the audio/interior forum here and all of your questions will be answered.


Cliff notes... if you have dual climate control, which I assume you do, your options are single din in the cubby or custom fabrication.

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i have installed both, and you will need the AVO din pocket to install it, the "kit" crutchfield sells is for the 2.5 non turbo whcih does not have dual zone climate control :)




Thanx for the reply. So (and apologies if I'm asking stupid questions), I'll need the AVO din pocket in addition to the crutchfield kit? or would this replace it? Will this enable dual zone climate control?

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since you have a GT.... you will need the AVO din pocket INSTEAD of the metra kit (seen on crutchfield).



hope this better help explain things.... and btw... talk to other people who have done so already as i think they had to do some sort of audio re-wiring or tapping.

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