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2000 Legacy GT

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Hi all


I have a 2000 Legacy GT and I want to know where to go to find out more information about my car, engines that could be in it, modifications I can make to it (turbo etc.), other iterations of it (Liberty).


Any help would be appreciated.



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That's the Legacy forum on NASIOC, there's a bunch of early 90's to mid 00's owners there.


Engines that could be in it? The EJ25 in there now is about the best NA engine you could get. EJ22T or EJ20T I hear are the easiest turbo's to setup, but all will start running you several grand.


Adding a turbo to an NA engine usually isn't terribly successful. You're better off dropping in a whole turbo setup.


As far as mods, intake, exhaust, pullies, maybe ported heads, suspension, and brakes are what you're looking at.


In all reality unless you want to drop some major cash and time on your engine, the best mods you can do (which will add limited HP) are the intake+exhaust, suspension, and brakes.

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