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Changing stock Plugs and Wires?

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I just bought a 2002 Legacy Gt Limited, but this is my second subby I had a 95 impreza coupe. My questions is will after market plugs a wires increase MPG. Because on my impreza I added Denso Iridium Plugs and Nology hotwires and I noticed an increase of about 2 MPG. I wanted to see if any one else had done these mods to there legacy and what outcome they got, before I ordered the parts.

Thanks: acoustics13

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I too have a 2002 GT limited w/ 5 sp trans. It now has 123,000 miles on it and I'm the original owner.

I put in Bosh Iridium's about 18 months ago and use Mobil 1, 5w-30 in it and I consistently get 31 mpg driving mostly turnpike roadways. I have the orginnal wire set in the car and have not considered changing them out.

I did not baseline my mpg prior to installing the Iridium's. I noticed an increase in MPG when I switched over to Mobil 1 at 90,000 miles.

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