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New Subaru Emblem----I was bored


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After seeing the post for the ones from japanparts.com I decided to make my own. I resin just setup so tomorrow I will cut and trim and then reinstall it in the chrome surrounder. I will post pics of the finished parts hopefully tomorrow.



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Guest *Jedimaster*
it takes about 30 minutes to prep and a minute to lay the carbon and the resin. Waite till it sets up and trim.


Got any resin left over? Effin Ponderous was looking for some.

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If you start to produce these, I want 2.



I am looking into it, but the tape is kicking my but. What I want to use is 3m NT3000 which is the factory type of tape. But 3m will only sell it with an order of 18 rolls which are 142 each. So I am looking to see if I can source a since roll somewhere.

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