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Sultan of Brunei

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It is good to be king.


But honestly. 1800 cars that most people couldn't dream of, recognize on the street, or pay for with a lifetime of income. It is ridiculousness on the grandest scale.


I am not one to limit someone else, let alone the king/royals of another country, because who am I?


That however loses it's novelty value and unbelievability, and crosses over into the sheer excess for no reason.


Let them do what they will, but one would think that the heads of state of a country would have more responsible, moral, and beneficial things to do than drive a million dollar car once, and then discard it.


Why aren't they being petitioned to send tens of millions of dollars to fight AIDS in Africa, or human suffering around the world? Folks like Bono come to the US, and lobby the president directly to raise taxes on hard working folks to pay for philanthropic programs via forced taxation. I don't hear reports of Bono visiting the Sultan's palace begging for money... Heck, Bono himself is getting richer than he already is for his exposure with that cause, with publicity for his albums and products anyway. I am sure he gives a lot of money, but he's also asking for ours, and our margins are much tighter.


And the next time someone complains about americans driving gas-burning vehicles to work and using up energy and money... think about all the manufacturing materials, labor, and energy output it took to build 1800 cars of that class, that is now being wasted as nothingness. Not being driven or used for their purpose, and not being re-cycled by selling them off to people who would use them, or any other way of gaining benefit from the value of those cars. Just tying up value in stored rare vehicles that NO ONE is using nor enjoying, and the owners have probably forgotten about.


They are rich enough, due to being powerful enough, to do that. But proportionality does exist. I have a hard enough time with rich socialites complaining about real people driving real cars and their detremental effects, as they walk up the stairs of their private jet. This royal family might as well be burning cash for fun, and letting the energy and value go to waste.


That is like burning cash in a fire, then buying energy to run a giant expensive fan to evacuate the smoke, and running huge air conditioners on full-blast because the fire is putting out heat, and having big glare sheilds because the fire is too bright. Why burn the money in the first place? for fun? as garbage?


With great power comes great responsibility, and that means more than shelving roughly a Billion or more dollars worth of automotive manufacturing. (if 1800 cars cost half a million each, it would be 900 Million dollars. Some of those cars cost WELL more than a million each...)


The have enough Bentleys alone to forget which ones they have! Staggering.

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