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Installed the sirius last night and I screwed up...


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I Scratched the crap out of the shifter trim. I have the 4EAT, and i scratched the part with the numbers on it (P,R,N,D,+,-, etc). I would like to order that piece, but I could not find the part number, and vacation pix was little help. can someone please help me get that part number? I can't be having it be all scratched up.


BTW, I found getting the radio out to be a a HUGE pain in the ass, and despide me reading every thread on here that I could about the radio, subwoofer install, Satallite install, No one ever said anything about the short little cable that connects the hot/cold switch to the car. I accidentally disconnected that thing and thought i would NEVER get it back on!


ON the bright side, The Starmate 2 radio fits Perfectly in the cubby, and the install is CLEAN and looks great besides aforementioned scratches. Overall though I am glad it is over. If you guys want, i can take some pictures of the install.


Any ideas on that part that I scratched tho? Thanks!

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