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Can I fit 235/45/17 on a 2004 STi rim?


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I am not sure about going that wide on a 7x7.5 rim. I have heard of people doing it but I wanted to get more opinions.


Would it rub on an 06 legacy wagon? (stock height) I think the offset is +53



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Autocrossing AStock STi owners have gone as far as 275/40/17 on the stock 17x7.5 BBS wheel... Larry Fine (PA region) and Steve Salisbury (WDC region) have run that setup on their STis for autox..


So doing a 235/45/17 is ok on a 7.5".. sloppy sidewall and the steering may feel slow, but it's mountable.

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:eek: Got pix? Those must look like hourglasses!


sure thing, here's the Salisbury's car in action on 17x8 + 275s (newer 05, not 04.. having a hard time finding pix of Larry's car):





and here's a picture of another car running 275s just for comparison sake:



and just for kicks, some 315/30/18 for you to gawk at for comparison (say hello to STOMPY):


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