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The Official Ventura County Subaru Meet (Every Thurs 9PM @ Moorpark In-N-Out)


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Latest updates:

2/1/07: We'll be trying out a NEW LOCATION tonight! Please see the details below.




Hi all,


If you live in or around Ventura County (Moorpark, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, Camarillo, etc.), and you feel like meeting up with some local Subaru owners for a weekly meet on Thursday night out in Thousand Oaks, here's your chance.


Thursday nights are great, since it's close to the end of the week, and as far as I can tell, I don't think there's any other meets close to this area on Thursdays, although I know there are other meets around SoCal that same night.


Anyway, our first meet was a success, and our second week was at least twice as big, so we'll be at the following location on a weekly basis from here on out:


Vons Shopping Center - Thousand Oaks

Meet up time: 9:00PM (back corner of lot, opposite of Panda Express)

We're usually out there until about 11

1790 N Moorpark Rd

Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

[ame=http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=1790+N+moorpark+Rd,+91360&ie=UTF8&z=14&ll=34.208111,-118.868036&spn=0.024205,0.071497&om=1&iwloc=addr]1790 N moorpark Rd, 91360 - Google Maps[/ame]



Like most meets, some simple guidelines:

- No speeding through the lot or other jackassery (we don't want to get kicked out of this location)

- No loud, thumping stereos

- No littering (if you bring food, drinks, or snacks, don't leave your trash on the ground)

- No leaning on cars that aren't yours, unless the owner says it's OK

- Be cool and have a good time!


Hope to see you there, and be sure to come up and say hello!



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Yeah, I've been starting to see some LGTs around here (a blue debadged sedan, a nice, lowered silver wagon, etc.), so hopefully they see this. :)


If you own a Scooby, I don't care *what* you show up in (unless it's your birthday suit, of course :lol:).


Definitely come on by if you guys can!



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No problems, atcvader... we plan on doing this on a weekly basis, so hopefully you can make it out to our next one!


Anyway, bump for tonight's first meet!


I'll be taking pictures tonight (only my 3rd attempt at night photography), so we'll see how it goes. I'll definitely post some up here later tonight or tomorrow to hopefully reel in more peeps for next week... assuming the pictures turn out OK. ;)



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What a turnout tonight, guys -- it was awesome. I was expecting maybe 5-8 for our first meet, but we had 15+... a nice blend of sedans, wagons, Evos... and an Accord. WE NEED A LEGACY OR TWO NEXT TIME!!! :D


Setups ranged from bone-stock (still breaking in miles) to folks running a 20G/GT30/etc. It was great seeing some old faces as well as meeting new ones.


Here are some pics from tonight. I have more if you guys want to see 'em. Sorry about the image quality on some of these. I spaced and didn't do a white balance until halfway through the evening, and I was messing with exposure times and aperture settings, too. The G1 is notorious for really bad chromatic aberrations as well... time for a new camera! Anyway, enjoy.


Again, great meet tonight, and let's make next week's even bigger!















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Some ate, some were tuning their cars, some were playing poker, everyone was just having a chill time. :)


Anyway, here's the list from last night. Although not everyone signed in, I'm glad I did this, because I usually forget names just as quickly as I am told them.


Screen Name/First Name - Car - Forum

ghibli99/Mike - '06 SGM WRX Wagon - All

Garo666/Garo - '03 PSM WRX - IWSTI/NASIOC

ThracK/Doug - '05 CGM STI - NASIOC, etc.

TarmacSpec06/Nick - '06 AW STI - IWSTI

The Black Pearl/Mike - '06 STI - IWSTI

alfredob1/Alfredo - '03 Evo - IWSTI

Spritefiend/John - '06 ESX STI - NASIOC

designfate/Jeremy - '02 PSM WRX - NASIOC

dr3wby/Andrew, '05 OBP WRX - NASIOC

Rokudoo/Mike, '05 AW STI

TRooper/Chris - '06 SGM WRX - NASIOC

Sitting Duck/Pat - '06 WRB WRX Wagon - NASIOC

turboge/Braden - '05 WRB WRX - NASIOC

Johnnc/John - '05 CGM STI - NASIOC/IWSTI

DruMMinStUd06/Shelvin - '06 WW IX MR - IWSTI/SoCalEvo/EvoM



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^^^ Heh, yeah, give it some time. Hopefully we'll get some oldskool rides soon.


Nice avatar, BTW. One of my favorite Genesis games (although I like Shinobi III better :)).




Fo sho. Too bad this meet is way too far for me to participate.


Yea, Revenge of Shinobi was sweet. I also loved III. Had the o.g. cartridge and also somewhere is emulator version on comp.



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Alright, here are the pics. They're still a bit overexposed, and unfortunately, you can't add detail where it doesn't exist in the first place... so hard to tell if I'm getting good shots while I'm taking them, so next time, I'm going to step down the exposure a bit. Hope you guys like these!





















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Batch 2/2:





















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Bump for tonight's meet!


Head's up: I might be buying a place soon, and will probably be parting out my wagon as a result, so if any of you wanted Arnold's Volks and you missed out, stay tuned... they'll be going up on the SCIC classifieds in the very near future.



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Bump for tonight's meet!


Head's up: I might be buying a place soon, and will probably be parting out my wagon as a result, so if any of you wanted Arnold's Volks and you missed out, stay tuned... they'll be going up on the SCIC classifieds in the very near future.




Dude, don't part out your car. The amount of money you will raise is trivial compared to the cost of a home or even the downpayment. Just don't spend any more money on the car till you get into your house. Taking a loss on stuff you already own just doesn't make sense to me. BTW, I own my home, so I am speaking from experience.

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^^^ Thanks, man... I don't consider nearly two grand on wheels and tires trivial, though, but maybe that's just me. ;) Most of the stuff I buy for my car is used to begin with, so it's not really a loss, so much as getting the money back that I spent in the first place. There are other reasons, too, but that would be a topic in and of itself for the OT. :) Still working it out, so nothing's for certain yet, but thanks for the advice!



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