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San_Diego:Used Stock STI Potenza RE070 set of four (4) tires


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San Diego/SoCal pickup ONLY please. Thank you.


See photo gallery http://s30.photobucket.com/albums/c304/ldrs25/parts/potenzas/





I have no idea how many miles used, got them used several months ago. Only dismounted because I want my wheels painted. Still got some meat on them, but I've decided to get all-season tires to play in dirt/snow later this winter.


$200.00 CASH PICKUPS ONLY for all four (4) tires. If you like to separate tires and buy singles, then find people to buy the remaining tires. I will not arrange this.


Thank you,


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Long would you be able to get a really precise ruler to check the tread? My RE92s seem to have the same amount of tread left using the penny method...I think I might be tempted...my only doubt is if I go back east in Jan...my plan was to get winters if I went back...so if these would work at least a little bit next summer...I might bite.
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