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Short Shifter + New Shift Knob


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After adding a Perrin short shifter kit and chopping the shift lever by over an inch, I changed shift knobs to see if there was a difference. Long story short, new knob from Cyber Speed feels really good! Before knob but after mod: shifting is crisp and requires higher effort than stock. With Cyber Speed knob, seems to require less effort and is smoother than with the stock knob.


The Cyber Speed knob is an aluminum two piece deal, smaller in dia. than stock and slightly lighter. Has a good feel in the hand.


As you may know the stock knob is weighted and is good for damping out vibration. With my setup, I don't care about that, so the improved shifting is a plus.


If there is any interest, I will try to post pics.



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^ Definitely post pix. :D


And definitely, a change in the knob's height, mass, or even configuration can greatly affect perceived shift "quality." I totally agree with that assessment.


As for what's "best" - that'll depend on each individual's unique tastes and preferences. :)

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