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2007 Spec B Wallpaper

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Hey Guys & Gals,

Just wanted to let you know even though I havent gotten my 07 Spec B yet, I'm still thinking about it day and night and am always looking at the posts.

Here is a wallpaper I did for all of your viewing pleasure.

And by the way, if any of you are looking for a graphic designer (trying to find a better job) PM me, as that's what I do.




The URL it's linked to is my portfolio site also if interested - John R. Coughlin's Portfolio





P.S. Any Idea when Subaru is going to update their website with the 07 Legacy Models?

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Horrible compression on that JPEG.

Otherwise, it would be kinda cool


Thanks for the feedback guys,even though its not too positive. I basically made it out of what I liked and used the images from the Subaru Media site, what I wanted to see on my desktop....pretty much something to keep my whistle wet until I am able to get a real one.

As for the compression, I know you are saying that it is grainy, however, when I view it on my computer it looks fine, not grainy at all. I use a 17" G4 Powerbook, and designed it specifically to fit my screen, which is widescreen.


If any of you know how to give it the right compression please let me know so you can see it the way it is supposed to be seen. I dont do too much web stuff so I dont really know what the compression should be for the web. Let me know as I am on a never ending quest to learn more about graphic design.

The size of the image is 3000px x 1896px.




- John

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