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Should I buy?

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Hi all,


This is actually my first post, so hello to you all =) I currently drive a 2001 nissan sentra se and have had it since new. I'm in the market for a LGT and have narrowed it down. Before I make this committment, I need your advice!




2005 LGT in silver, 7 year bumper-to-bumper warranty

5spd, cold weather package,

15,000 miles

one owner

fender bender last year, fixed

front AND rear bumpers have scratches and need painted or replaced

spoiler needs painted or replaced (rub mark from bike rack)


other than that I dont see anything wrong. He is asking 18,500. I am thinking about offering lower and going from there. What would you do? Thank you so much =)




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welcome to the forum!


is it limited trim, or standard (does it have the leather and sunroof?)


probably a good price for limited trim - maybe a tad high for standard trim - given the fact that some of the body work needs repainted.


Just my opinion though.

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