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Which 10inch SUB should I buy?


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audio gurus


so i use to have 2 12 inch Kicker comp VR's 1 blew.


Now im making a custom side mounted fiberglass box but i wanna put a 10inch in there so it fits better.


I am looking for a 10 inch sub that will POUND.(as close to my 2 12's)


I was thinking a JL 10 W7

Scans recomended the IDMAX 10?


Anyone have any suggestions? looking to spend around 600ish for the sub



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I have a side enclosure and I have tried 3 different subs.


1. JL 10w1v2

2. JL 10w3v3

3. JL 10w6v2


The 10w6 is absolutely amazing hands down...... It's comparible to the (4) Boston Pro 8's I had in my last car. (JL 500/1 AMP)


The W7 is nice but not my pic for this applacation. It's VERY heavy, power hungry, and needs a very solid enclosure. (Not sure on air space)


Just my 2 cents!

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I've got the JL StealthBox with 10W6v2 and a 500/1 and I don't need more bass. THis coming from someone who had a 15W6 on 800 watts of old school Phoenix Gold power.


There's a 500/1 for sale in the classifieds and also a PPI PRO-10....a killer woofer for this app (yes, I'm selling it ;) )

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IDMAX hands freakin down... i own the 12" version of it. i used to sell JL and while its a nice product it cant compete with the IDMAX. the sound quality of the ID is sooooo much better then the JL. the JL can be terribly sloopy at times in my opinion. both subs you did pick will require a good amount of power, buuuut the ID can run on a lot less then the JL can. the JL NEEDS around 600 if i recall to get to sounding half way nice, while you can run about 300 to 400 on the ID and get the same effect.


i think that as far as boxes go the ID would work in a smaller space too, if thats a factor.


Good luck!

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i will be the mediator and say that both the idmax, and the w7, when properly installed, can sound amazing.


the overall output goes to the w7 by a hair, but the idmax, as mentioned before, requires a smaller box, and is cheaper.


if i had to choose, i would takt he idmax (not becuase i am an id dealer) simply becuase of the price. if price was no subject, i would flip a coin :)



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Wow I got killed on that one!!:lol:


I have never heard an IDMAX sub so I have no argument. I had a W7 before and didn't care for it. The W6 is my pic.


Image Dynamics isnt really really well known because there arent a whole lot of dealers for them, nor a lot of people that use them. around here my nearest dealer is about 200 miles off... i got lucky and met up with him for a sale. but the ID sub is great... (below is their site, then a "road test" from a magazine).


the w7 i bet you didnt care for a whole lot because, to me anyways, its geared a little more to an spl use. in the sealed JL box they offer it just didnt do well at all, but in the slot port it did do better. the thing is also terribly power hungry, then they also designed it to almost make you use their slash 1000/1 amp since it runs at a 3 ohm load and all. the w6 that you went with sounds a TON better for sound quality, its just a lot more clean, and precise.


Image Dynamics


Road Gear - Test Drives: 12-Inch Ruler

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I'm running an Image Dynamics IDQ10 and love it. I got it for it's small enclosure requirements and reputation for excellent SQ. It's probably not enough for you, but the ID Max should fit the bill well. IMHO, you can't go wrong with Image Dynamics, just put it in a box designed for the type of bass you want.
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