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1999 Legacy Reliability/Advice (for a friend)


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Well the title kinda says it all. I got in on this Legacy (heck, Subaru in general!) train with the current gen Leggys (I have an 05) so I know little of the past (only that we seem to have a loyal fan base). I have a friend that has liked my car ever since I got it. He happenes to have a neighbor selling a 1999 Leggy (I think GT) Limited. Seeing as how I know some of you are loyal subie fans and have had dozens of these cars ;) I thought I might ask about general reliability and any other hidden gotchas that might taint the experience for him. I have heard some whining about head gaskets and possible transmission snafus with this year Leggy. Any validity in that? Should he pursue this car?


Any help would be great! Thanks in advance!

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