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N/a Nos

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please please please... i beg of you. have mercy on the 2.5i! it wasn't designed to for such things in stock form!! you'll blow everything! if you do plan on squirting nos... please perform all proper mods prior to nos.


dude i abuse my 2.5i but never will i use nos on a 2.5i. maybe on a properly modded gt.. but not the 2.5i.

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Just for the record, and so it's clear, NOS is a *brand* of nitrous oxide and not a generic term for all NO2


Anyhow, as has been said, get a GT if you want more power. It's not worth screwing around with nitrous if you haven't used it before... Besides, you won't be able to get a decent kit and install (assuming you're not doing it yourself) for ~200 bucks

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