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AVO Pod Mount - Credit Card Mod


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So I have had the pod for a while and have not had time to install it. Mccorry was gracious to help get it mostly installed this weekend and I love the pod. I didn't want to stick it on because I heard about the problems with the black backing and don't really want any adhesive on my dash or A pillar. It's dirty enough from Steve's grimy hands, but I can clean that easier than the nasty black stuff that comes on the pod.


I cut a credit card in the rough shape of the side of the pod with enough to fit in the crease between the dash and A pillar.




Roughly cut a dowel the length of the card and wrap it lightly with string. Put it in the microwave (maybe on wax paper) for about 30-40 seconds. I wet the dowel a bit before since the water will heat up and help with pliability.




The card is roughly the shape of the side of the pod and A pillar. This particular photo has the card bending the opposite way, but you get the idea.




Use a hot iron and a wet towel to further form the card. I had the towel damp but not dripping and formed a small mound under the card to support it so I could heat it in roughly the shape of the pod. Be patient and use the towel as a barrier between the card and iron.


I did this step near the car since the material sets quickly. Keeping it in the towel I moved it to the pod to press it to the final shape and let it cool under light pressure. I didn't remove the pod backing tape yet since it took a couple of tries to get it to fit just right.




I have pulled the wires in the back taught but not overly tight so it has some light pressure pulling it toward the windshield and the card, once attached to the glue backing holds it firmly toward the pod.


Final results...




For added security you can use some double sided tape to hold the card bottom in the groove between the A pillar and the dash. Mine is fine without it, but your mileage may vary.


Again, I thought of this because I don't want any gunk on my dash or A pillar. The whole thing took me less than and hour and if I ever decide to ditch the pod I won't have any lingering reminder it was ever there.


Just another alternative for those with the AVO pod.

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pulling it through is one thing, dismounting stuff and than putting it all back together is something else... :lol: - bloody knuckles FTW!!!


looks good, from the distance - you designer, metro mod freak :icon_wink

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