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New Headlight/Passenger side


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Anyone know the best place to get a new headlight for Leggy? Some stupid little rich kid in a Porsche Cayman drifted into my lane without looking and swept across the nose of my car. He got the worst of it, but still, my car was flawless until this idiot came across the highway.


Bumper came unhooked on the passenger side, front part of fender pushed in a little (should be able to be pulled back). But the headlight is all busted on the inside, and I got a quote from Subaru for $300 for it (Ouch!). Trying to find a better price if possible. Already checked the junkyards, not alot of 05's wrecked yet.


Anyone have a good place to go to for cheap parts like this?



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Nice! You guys are awesome, don't know what I would do without ya. Heights, whats up man, good to hear from you too!


To answer the insurance company question, which is a good one...You gotta live in MA to completely understand how awful the insurance industry is up here. Me and this 22 year old kid (from Rockland County NY) have agreed not to go through insurance. I agreed to it for the simple fact that there were absolutely NO witnesses that stopped (mainly because it was not safe), so it would be my word against his. What happens in MA in that situation is they assign fault to both, and we both get surcharged. Yeah thats right, both of us! One more reason never to consider moving to this filthy facist state.


The story gets better though, when it first happened the kid took off when I asked him to pull over. Later he said it was because he thought I was going to beat him up. Paaaaalease. I went to the state police barracks later and there he was talking to the police, who I had called immediately after it happened and he high-tailed it. The cop basically wants nothing to do with it because he wasn't there, even though the kid ran. He says he is allowed to be scared, I said that is called leaving the scene of an accident. I also say, if it wasn't truly your fault you would NEVER run from an accident.


If it has to get ugly, I will go through insurance, but so far the kid is ammenable to helping pay for the damage. What more can I ask for I guess. Truth is, it could have been alot worse, damage-wise. And we all know these situation can easily spiral out of control and we both could have ended up behind bars. So I look at it that way and it makes me feel better.

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