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Seat back modification??


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Wife just replaced our 2001 Outback Wagon with a 2004 OB Limited wagon. She likes everything BUT the seat back position. The seat back will just not go far enough upright to take some of the stress off of her lower back. She currently uses a custom pillow to try to give her a more upright position... it was the same one she used for the 2001 model. Has anyone done a modification to allow the seat back to move more upright? I don't want to try to replace the seats since they are leather and it would be too much of a hassle. She's the primary driver and has the electric seat tilted up as far as it will go and also has adjusted the manual seat back position lever to bring the seat back up as straight as it will go. Actually, the problem is the same with the non-electric passenger seat.


I briefly took a look at the mechanism and I thought that it might be possible to cut some more notches in the seat back adjustment mechanism but I was wondering if anyone had actually attempted this (or had another solution).

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What about raising the rear of the seat at the floor? Pull bolts, insert washers, replace bolts (perhaps with longer)?
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